Our Wind-Wings are easy to fly and handle, from riding waves or flat water with our Wing Foil Boards, or on skis or snowboards, or a longboard skateboard.
The large size leading edge makes the wing very stable and reduces flex, for a solid controlled feel at any speed. The “Leach Panel” helps create shape and gives more lift in lighter winds. Ideal for Freeride, Waves or Freestyle riding.

The leading edge has a dedicated design for each size, this is achieved by altering the aspect ratio of the front leading edge maximizing efficiency. We use Teijin Dacron 3 x 3 ripstop fabric, the world’s leading fabric material for marine sail sports. In addition, we have kevlar patches on the leading edge and layer the kevlar along the wing tips for protection when riding on snow or land.

With the three power handles on the leading edge and up to six handles on the strut, you have multiple options for maximum control.
The two power V-handles allow for a smooth cross-over option when carving your jibs for maximum control. The front glide handle lets you completely de-power the wing when carving downwind riding, and also when just carrying the wing into the wind.

Having double reinforced windows is critical to be able to see where you are going, and it also allows you to keep the wing in the power position as you don’t need to move the wing to see.

Wether you’re on water snow or land, enjoy a new kind or propulsion with nature.