Wake Shaper

The STINGER Wake Shaper is one of the most cost effective ways to create a better Surf Wake behind your current boat.

The Wake Shape is designed to increase the size of your surf wave and clean up its shape for a more enjoyable WakeSurf /WakeSkim session. Ideal for any v-drive & direct drive inboard boats.

The Stinger Wake Shaper is designed & built in Canada, we use two 5.75″ suction cups giving the Wake Shaper ridiculous holding strength. The plastic is actually Marine Board which is CNC machined ensuring a precision built piece of equipment that’s practically bomb proof.

Attaching or installing is super easy, first attach the 4′ safety leash to a cleat on the boat, then position the Wake Shaper with the plate facing forward, push the Wake Shaper firmly against the side of you hull before pulling on the leverage tabs to close the suction cups to the hull. Remember to attach it to the opposite side that you will be surfing on.

The safety leash is in case the Wake Surfer comes off, you’ll be able to stop the boat and retrieve it easily. Please ensure the hull is free from any scum to ensure the best grip for the suction cups.

We are confident you’ll have a cleaner Surf Wake, enjoy your session.