4.1m2 Wind Wing v2

Our Wind-Wings are easy to fly and handle, from riding waves or flat water with our Wing Foil Boards, or on skis or snowboards, or a longboard skateboard.
The large size leading edge makes the wing very stable and reduces flex, for a solid controlled feel at any speed. The “Leach Panel” helps create shape and gives more lift in lighter winds. Ideal for Freeride, Waves or Freestyle riding.

Wing size is a personal personal preference, the 4.1m2 is a common wing size for the rider that weighs under 150lbs with wind speeds of up to 25knots.
It’s also a great second Wing size for those weighing 180lbs+ when Foiling in wind speeds over 25+ knots.

The high aspect leading edge with our power V handles, the glide handle, and 5 boom handles provide maximum control. The leash panel helps keep the shape so you have power to help plane through most pockets of wind, and pump up onto foil sooner.

Stinger Wind Wing 4.1 Profile


SizeWing SpanCord LengthWeightColour
4.1m2 122” 59” 1971 gr+/- Black/Grey/Green

Wind Wing Features

Strong & Light Materials
A Tejin Dacron 3 x 3 rip stop fabric is used for the wing, this is the best material currently available. This comes from Japan combining rigidity and weight. Engineered to the highest tolerances making for a stiff yet light and durable Wind Wing.

Stinger Wind Wing End Cap

Multiple Boom Handles
Handles provide direct wing control, they are made of highly resilient, plasticized and EVA fabric. They are stiff and still comfortable in the hands. Each handle is connected to the strut by a reinforcement wrapped around it. This distributes the strength to the whole strut.

Stinger Wind Wing Boom Handle

Double Reinforce Window Panels
Our windows are double reinforced and generous size, so you don’t Wing Foil blindly. There are blind spots when Wing Foiling and when it gets crowded on the water windows are a must!

Stinger Wind Wing Window Reinforccement

Reinforced Trailing Edge
The entire trailing edge is reinforced with a Dynema tape and Kevlar tape at the boom connection, this reduces wing flutter and increase durability.

Stinger Wind Wing Centre Joint Reinforcement

Leading Edge
The leading edge is reinforced in all connection segments and wing tips with kevlar material. These reinforcements prevent chafing of the tubes and thus increase the life of the wings. Each Wing size has its own leading edge diameter maximizing efficiency.

Stinger Wind Wing Profile

Inflate Valve and Boom Connector
The max-flow valve and the double inflate / deflate valve enables quick inflation and deflation. The boom connection allows you to pinch off the leading edge from the boom so if one bladder is to go, you have the other to get you home safely.

Stinger Wind Wing Connector Tube

Seams & Bladder
The seams of the leading edge and the strut are offset with a layer of insignia. There’s also a highly resilient special thread from UK production for the seams. Our tubes are made to handle a psi of up to 7. This enables our Wings to have a very stable leading edge and strut.

Stinger Wind Wing Luff Panel & inflate Valve

Integrated Leash Connection
Included wrist leash to secure the wing to the rider.

Stinger Wind Wing Leash Connector

SUP Paddle Connection
Velcro overlap to secure your paddle to the boom for versatility and safety.

Stinger Wind Wing Paddle Holder

Badder Lock
Double reinforced with kevlar material to ensure strength and prevent damage on land or snow.

Stinger Wind Wing Connector Tube
Double Action Pump Included with our Wind-Wing, double action pump to get you on the water even quicker. Pressure gauge ensures you don’t over inflate.
Stinger Wind Wing Hand Pump.