Stinger SUP Foil Boards

Wind-Wing Foil Boards

No matter the size of wave or the amount of wind, our boards can handle the conditions. Enjoy a SUP Foiling session in the am, then when the wind kicks in, grab your Wind-Wing and go black out for a second session. The boards are designed with just enough volume to let you paddle or wing. The beveled rails reduce volume and the kick tail aids in earlier/quicker lift. Double balsa stringers with 3k carbon reinforced US fin boxes giving ultimate energy transfer from you to your foil.




At Stinger, we have a full line of Foils to match with whatever discipline desire. Offered in Full Carbon or a Carbon & Aluminum blend. We started with Wakesurf Foils in 2017 and quickly advanced to offer Prone, SUP, Pump, Wind-Wing, WindSurf and Freestyle Kite. With three different designs, theres’s a model for you in our line-up.

Stinger Wind Wings

Wind Wings

Canada’s newest and most innovative Wind-Wing is here. Take flight on the water, cruise on land, or slide across the snow/ice with our Wind-Wings. Multiple grab handles make our Wing easy to fly and control, Windows for optimal vision, Paddle Holder and leading edge technology set the Stinger Wind-Wings ahead of its competitors.

Wake Surf Foil Boards

Go for a pull behind whatever watercraft that’ll pull you, the feeling of Foiling is truly incredible. Our duckbill nose design allows you to ride a shorted board and easier to recover if you porpoise. The US fin boxes are reinforce with 3K carbon so you get the most transfer of energy from your feet your the foil. Foot strap provisions for the advanced rider are installed on or “X-Series”, and all boards come with a Board bag to protect your investment. Have you flown yet ?

Wake Surf Foil Images

Wake Surf Images

Wake Surf Boards

Surf inspired shapes for the inland surfer in us so we can ride the longest waves. Using the latest technology to shape using 16kg foam blanks with a balsa stinger then bamboo & carbon lay-ups, we produce some of the lightest durable WakeSurf boards on the market today. Our 2pc 3D diamond pattern deck pads with canting reduce foot cramps so you can ride longer than ever. Board bag to protect you investment included, enjoy the ride.

Wake Skim Boards

Skate inspired traditional wake skim shaped boards that will let you perform more trick than you can imagine. Our thin lightweight 16kg foam core shaped blanks with a 3k Carbon top and bottom make this the most responsive boards on the market. Take your ollie or shove-it session to the next level.

Wake Skim Boards