Welcome to the world of E-Foiling, a fun and easy way to fly over the water. A Canadian company that has been designing boards and foils since 2017, we tool our years of knowledge and created two of the most stable, top-performing eFoils at a reasonable price. Our Stinger eFoils are designed and tested in Canada. We make our prototypes in Whistler, BC and test them on the local waters before they go into production - that is that’s the Stinger Boards & Foils Inc difference.

Our Stinger eFoils use an advanced Samsung lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor that is mounted on a full 3k carbon fibre mast. Our Hydrofoil wings offer a double gull-wing design that is sleek, efficient, and stable, not to mention faster than any other eFoil. This is what separates Stinger eFoils from the rest of the pack. Looking at the Foil profile, you’ll see right away what we mean. This new technology was designed for today’s eFoiler.

The Stinger eFoils are controlled by a waterproof, wireless Bluetooth hand controller. They provide a ride time of up to an hour and fifteen minutes (depending on rider weight, ability, and air/water temperatures). In our tests, we have gone over 12 kilometres on one battery with a rider weight of 165lbs and average throttle at 77%.

It's time to take flight, are you ready?


* eFoiling is still NOT approved by the Ministry of Transport Canada in Canadian waters. We are working closely with Transport Canada to address this and hope to have it cleared in the near future.
* eFoil owners must assume the risk when riding in Canadian waters, you could receive a fine or product confiscation. Please respect the water and others on the water.