About Us


The creation of Stinger Boards & Foils Inc. was inspired by watching surfers glide through the unrelenting waves of Maui’s North Shore and conceived on the turquoise glacial lakes of Whistler, BC.

Knowing that every day you spend on the water with family and friends is a good day, our philosophy is quite simple – to develop quality products that are innovative and exciting.
With over 30 years of experience on the water, we took what we knew (and a bunch we didn’t) and meticulously tested different shapes, materials and designs to develop our boards, foils, wind-wings, and fins. The results are next-generation products made from the highest quality materials that will challenge your day on the water.
Stinger will change the way you ride!

A Proudly Canadian Watersports Company

Foiling is an up-and-coming sport and Stinger Boards & Foils Inc. is the only Canadian Foil brand designed and created in Canada.

Staying true to our mission of creating an all-Canadian board, we are working hard to produce 100% of our products in Canada. We have recently renovated and upgraded our warehouse space and added an in-house CNC machine so that we can manufacture our products right here in our hometown of Whistler, BC. This provided employment for seven locals to help us develop and build our boards, gave us an opportunity to innovate with our shapes, and allowed us to work closely with our athletes to make the best boards available.

But, we go beyond just making our boards in Canada. As a proudly Canadian company, we also source Canadian materials. The recycled foam for our boards is sourced from Delta, British Columbia. The resin is EcoPoxy Bio36 from Russel, Manitoba. Our aluminum for the foil mast, mast base and fuselage is manufactured in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We are also working diligently to bring the production of our carbon foil wings and eFoil boards back to Canada.

Stinger Boards & Foils Inc. is proud to be based in Whistler and excited to continue working with our athletes, local staff, and advisors to keep us at the forefront of this ever-evolving sport.

What Sets Stinger Apart?

Stinger’s innovative gull-wing carbon foil wings are designed to have more glide and lift than the competition.

Our gull-wing design worked so well without WakeSurf and SingSurf boards that we decided to try them out with our newly developed electric foil (eFoil) boards. We worked with our aluminum manufacturer to produce a fuselage that is specific to our Stinger eFoil mast connection so that we could house our foils.

The new Canadian fuselage worked so well that the results were outstanding when we attached the foil wings to our eFoil. The gull-wing design improved the battery life by 27% in riding time and we could go from 19.2mph to 25.3mph for top-end speed!

Shaping the Future of eFOILS

Canada is currently the only country where eFOILs cannot be legally operated according to Transport Canada.

Steve Legge, the founder of Stinger Boards & Foils Inc. has been selected (along with 3 other eFoil manufacturers) to join the committee working to make eFoiling an approved product in Canada by June 2023. The main objective of this committee, in conjunction with Transport Canada, is to standardize the designs, set regulations, and most importantly, ensure the saftey of Canadian riders.

Where are Stinger Products Available?

We currently distribute WakeSurf, WakeSurf Foil, Wing Foil, and eFoil Boards across Canada and the USA.

We are in the process of expanding to Australia and New Zealand.