4’9″ Wake Foil Board X-Series

The X-Series Collection of Wake Surf Foil Boards are true dual purpose boards that you can Foil on or Wake Surf. We offer 4 sizes to be more rider/weight specific, as well as a few construction specific extras.

To begin with, the X-Series features include an extra layer of bamboo on top & bottom to increase overall board stiffness. A 3K carbon layer is then placed on top to reinforce the standing zone, as well as Foot Strap inserts for those riders that require them for various tricks. (Foot Straps optional) There is also 3k carbon over the foil mount for increased strength and durability.

The “Duck Bill” nose is so you ride a shorter board that has less rail shape up front and recovery a lot easier if you porpoise, the Pintail allows for quick release from the waters surface when Foiling, or smooth bottom turns when Wake Surfing.

A 3D diamond pattern deck pad offers excellent grip, and the raised “northern star” to indicate rear foot position when Foiling.

Each board is constructed with an industry leading “Stinger Foil Mount” which is a pre-installed 90mm wide foil mount, using 3K Carbon on top as well as the sides of the boxes for toque reinforcement of the US Fin boxes. These boxes allow for infinite foil positioning so you can dial in the balance point of your board and foil when mounted.

Every Stinger Foil board is equipped with an industry leading “Stinger Foil Mount” which is pre-installed using US Fin boxes, so you can take flight with a “Stinger Foil” whenever desired.
All Stinger Boards include a bag for UV protection, a protective fin pouch, and two foil mount plugs for a smoother wave ride when not foiling.


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LengthWidthThicknessVolumeColourWeight Rating
4’9” 21” 1.75” 21.9 lt Orange/Red Up to 175lbs or advanced


Epoxy construction

  1. 18kg EPS foam core
  2. 4oz cloth
  3. Bamboo veneer
  4. 6oz cloth
  5. 3K carbon overlay for Foil mount boxes
  6. 3K Carbon standing zone reinforcement
  7. 2 piece grip-lite EVA pad with raised Foil position mark
  8. Paint Layer


  1. GoPro mount provision on nose
  2. Goretex Vent Valve
  3. 3K Carbon standing zone overlay
  4. 90mm Foil Mount
  5. Futures Thruster Fin boxes 2x GL
  6. 3K carbon overlay for Foil Mount

Included with your board

GL Carbon Bamboo Fins

Stinger Fin Bag

Foil Mount Plugs