Devil Ray

The thoroughbred of our Foils. Do it all with this sleek mid aspect gull wing design. A turn radius and pitch that’s so stable. The sleek tip turn outs allow you to carve at higher speeds and track with ease. You won’t outgrow the Devil-Ray, it’s speed and glide will take you to the next level with ridiculous upwind angles at whatever speed you are capable of going.

Constructed around a high density foam core that’s wrapped with 100% high modulus 3k Carbon.

The Devil-Ray is a quick stable wing that allows you to ride multiple disciplines with varying speed and confidence, enjoy!

Foil Set-Up:
Wing: Devil-Ray
Rear Stabilizer: RW440
Mast: Stinger Profile – AL6160 made in Canada
Mast Base: Aluminum – AL6160 made in Canada
Fuselage: S65-AL6160 made in Canada



D82 | 28

D82 | 32

D82 | 36
Wingspan 880
Fuselage Length 77 cm
Surface Area 1550 cm2
Mast Height 28 in | 71.12 cm 32 in | 81.28 cm 36 in | 91.44 cm
Weight 5130 gr 5250 gr 5550 gr
Color Carbon/White/Blue Steel

Included with the Foil

D82 Foil
Ultimate Carry case
3 x Polycarbonate Shims
4 x Stainless T-Nuts
4 x A2 Stainless 30mm Mounting Screws
#4 & #5 Allen Key tools
Protective Wing Covers.