iSUP Traveller

After a few proto-types testing and working with our counterpart Kahuna Paddleboards iSUP factory for the last 18 or so months, we where able to create our iSUP Foil Board, appropriately named the “Traveller.” Dedicated to Foiling in Surf, SUP or Wind-Wind disciplines.

Not only can you fit the board into the bag, you’ll find foil storage provisions on the underside of the top flap to hold your Stinger Devil-ray Foil, and still enough room to put your wing in as well.

<p=>Our team riders where shocked at how stiff the iSUP was once inflated. You can pump the Traveller up to 18psi because of the extra stiff drop stitched double layer construction, along with an additional pin-line overlap rails, making a it rock hard.

We use a 90mm slotted “Carbon Foil Plate” which help reduce the overall weight and the carbon plate provides a direct transfer to the foil.

The “Traveller” can be ridden with or without foot straps, provisions are installed so when you get to that level, you can go large.

Along with the iSUP Board, a dual action hand pump, travel wheelie bag and leash are included.

At 5’2” & 99 litres, you’ll be able to go Foiling anywhere, happy travels.



LengthWidthThicknessVolumeColourWeight Rating
5’2” 27” 5” 99 lt Blue/Grey Up to 220 lbs
Weight up to 150 lbs 150-225 lbs 225 lbs +
Recommended PSI 15 PSI 16 PSI 18 PSI


Using Reinforced Drop Stitch (RDS) technology, we heat press and glue the internal linear strands so the boards are lighter, stronger and stiffer. Included with the board is a dual action pump & straight leash. Combine this with our very convenient wheelie bag/travel packs and you are set to travel anywhere you want to go.


  1. Reinforced Seams
  2. Double Layer Drop Stitch, crazy stiff
  3. Diamond footpad, ultimate grip and comfort
  4. Carry Handle
  5. Triple foot-strap provision
  6. Rear Kick-pad for strapless riding
  7. Steel D Ring for leash attachment
  8. Standard 90mm Carbon Foil Mount

Custom iSUP Traveller Bag

The Stinger Foils iSUP traveller bag has compartments on the inside of the lid to stow all of your foil parts.

Included with your board

Double action iSUP Pump & Repair Kit

Straight Leash

General knowledge about Wing Foil Boards

Board Size

As most board-riders know, size does matter, lol…. this is especially true for Wing Foiling. You need enough buoyancy to float your weight, enough stability to stand on the board, or a minimum to kneel. The easy answer would be to simply purchase the largest board, but you’ll progress and be pissed off in a few weeks. A larger board, while easier to stand on, will be harder to lift off the water, more difficult to maneuver, and hard to handle in waves. The best way to size a board is one that can just keep you floating when kneeling on it. When wing foiling water starting is very advanced, so pay more attention to the volume, versus size when choosing a board.

We find most riders feel that the proper size board will be similar in volume to their SUP Wave paddle board, and similar in width to their standard SUP board, but it’s a lower volume for Wing Foiling.
As an example, I ride a 150 litre SUP wave model of paddleboard with dimensions 8’6” x 30” x 4", the Wing Foil board with 115 litres of volume and dimensions 6’2 x 29” x 4.75” is a good fit.
Similarly, if you have a "do it all" longboard style SUP that is 175 litres with dimensions 11' x 33 x 5", a Wing foil board of 135 litres would be a good choice with dimensions 6’6” x 30” x 5”.

The wing foil board is shorter and less volume, but adding the Foil and the stability of the smaller board greatly increases.
Sizes and recommendations range by design but If you have some athletisism, I feel this will give you a good place to start...

  • 100-140lbs - 40-70L board
  • 140-160lbs - 70-100L board
  • 160-180lbs - 95-125L board
  • 180-250lbs - 120-150L board

If you can manage it, a shorter board will pump up easier due to the reduced surface tension (suction) on the front of the board. In addition to added maneuverability, the short and wide design also results in a better acceleration curve to build speed for lift off due to its lower aspect ratio and reduced drag.


Kick Tail

The kick tail was designed to rock the board onto foil with less effort and drag. Straight tailed boards act like a brake in the water when you attempt to rock the foil up. For SUP Foil boards, foiling in waves the kick tail is a great feature to have but it is even more beneficial for Wing Foiling. This is because it takes longer to accelerate to flying speed with wind power than a breaking wave's power. An experienced foiler can begin pumping this way before they reach their flying speed by removing the drag and surface tension of the board so that you can reach that speed more quickly and make good use of gusts.

Foot Strap mounting inserts

Foot strap mounting inserts are a good feature to have on your board, even if you are not at that level yet. If you are going to spend the money, it's nice to know that it will support your progression beyond your first steps. Having foot straps allows the rider more leverage and a more secure connection to the board. This is especially important for hard maneuvering or jumps. We offer multiple stance options, Surf or single strap set up, as well as the “V’ front option or Windsurf set up.