Sting Ray Foil

Designed as our primary Wake Surf, Surf & Pump Foil with a front wing measuring 202 cm2 making it the most versatile crossover Foil on the market today.
STINGER Foils can be used by advanced riders and we’ve proven that time and time again, but we created these foils with beginners in mind, offering lower speeds, stable flight & easy lift.
Whether it’s behind a boat, on a wave, or jumping off the dock, flight is inevitable with endless glides on Stinger Foil. Some say it feels like you are skiing in waist deep powder, others say it feels like flying high in the clouds. Either way, when you are flying the Foil you will be cutting through any water condition carving buttery smooth turns!
After testing several styles and designs of foils, we decided to design our own foils from the ground up. The Stinger Foil is a five part module foil, and all are made with 3K carbon, so you can actually make numerous combinations.
Why carbon? Carbon fibre is super light and possesses an excellent strength to weight ratio. We have spared nothing in terms of quality, so that our customers can experience the absolute best foil.
By building our own moulds, we can ensure that the fit and finish of our wings, fuselage, mast, and base will deliver the most precise, direct transfer of energy from the foil to your board.
The Sting-ray 24 foil comes with a 24” mast. The 24” mast is the easiest and safest mast to learn on in our line. This mast is easier to control and is also or the tide conscious rider who may be looking to ride in shallow waters.
The adjustable mast base plate allows for maximum adjustment to dial in the ideal balance point of your board and foil to suit your ability level.
Enjoy your flight.!



S75 | 24
Wingspan 75 cm
Fuselage Length 80 cm
Surface Area 202 in2   1303 cm2
Mast Height 24 in | 60 cm
Weight 3316 gr
Color Carbon/White/Blue
Stinger S75 24 Foil

Stinger S75 24 Foil

Included with the Foil

S75 Foil
Full Carbon Construction (FCC)
Protective Travel Bag
Front & Rear Wings
24” Mast
Mast Base & Hardware
2x Allen Key Tools